Friday, February 5, 2010

The Oasis Hotel

We stayed in a lovely place called "The Oasis Hotel" in Cairo. It was in Giza, so it was away from all the city (Cairo) noise. The people were very friendly, honest and helpful. The breakfast buffet, which was included in the room rate, was quite delicious. (More about the food later.)


The gardens were beautifully manicured - can you imagine this in the middle of a desert?

The flowers added a splash of color.

Everybody who worked there seemed very cheerful. I happened to lose a gold chain and pendant there and was quite despondent. Imagine my surprise, when, two days later, it appeared in the "lost and found!" Such honesty! The hotel chef had found it on the floor in the lobby and had turned it in! I thanked him and gave him a small reward - but more than anything, I was amazed......

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