Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow..... finally!

We drove from Pittsburgh to Virginia for the weekend. Just when I thought that we had escaped winter, we encountered some snow at the elevation we were passing through. Nothing major for "East Coasters," but quite exciting for me......

 I especially liked this scene - of cows grazing in the snow!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The University of Pittsburgh

Here are a few photos of the University of Pittsburgh. It was a nice feeling while I walked through the halls of the old buildings to know that Appa studied here 50 odd years ago! I bet he never thought that one of his grandchildren would be attending the same school some day!

This tall building is called the Cathedral of Learning. It is a historic landmark and has 42 floors.

The views of the city from the top of the Cathedral are just wonderful. We were able to go only to the 36th floor, but even from there the views were amazing. What was more amazing was this man who suddenly appeared, panting and out of breath, with a big backpack on his back. He had climbed up the stairs from ALL the way down just for exercise! (He did take the elevator back down.)

This is a view of the Botanical Gardens we had gone to a couple days ago:

The interior of the Cathedral had a "Harry Potter" like atmosphere. The movie could easily have been filmed here. My pictures are not great since I didn't use the flash in order not to disturb the students who were studying there.

The next place here is the "Schenley Quadrangle" which is home to 8 resident dorms. Appa most probably saw/ stayed in one of these buildings. Do you remember any of these, Appa?

Finally, here are some other pictures of buildings around the campus. This one is the Allegheny County Soldiers' Memorial building.

These are of the Carnegie Music Hall. There are a lot of dinosaur statues all around the campus for some reason!

More buildings around the University area:

Walking back home, I noticed these trees - somebody's got a good sense of humor!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh

What does one do on a cold and windy day in Pittsburgh? I found the answer on Sunday, the 29th of Jan., 2012. Deepthi had mentioned this earlier to me and treated me to a wonderful visit of the Phipps Conservatory, right next to her campus, in Schenley Park. It is "a great steel and glass Victorian greenhouse" and has the most gorgeous flowers and plants inside. What a visual treat it was!

Happy Birthday, Karun!!