Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Nile River

It was fun to walk along the Nile while in Cairo. There are a lot of bridges across the Nile, and each and every one of them is pretty crowded - especially during peak hour traffic. On our first trip into Cairo, we took the hotel shuttle and sometimes cabs and went across. On our way back (we had to spend another night in Cairo) it was fun walking across the bridges, late at night. The Nile, while quite ordinary looking during the day time, is beautiful at night.
The Cairo Tower is visible in the background

There are a lot of cruise boats for tourists along the Nile

 The child in her has emerged here as Jyothsna climbed up for a photo!

There are a lot of smaller boats as well. 

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  1. Just to say --- the descriptions and the photos are excellent. Enjoyed it. Thank you