Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cotton clothes

So we've all heard about the famous Egyptian cotton. There were a lot of stores at the market, but I couldn't take too many photos there since it was very crowded.

We went to a Government run shop where they sold cotton clothes. The prices were quite high (almost the same as buying clothes in the USA.) A shirt with hieroglyphic designs for men cost around $34.00 (US money) and T-shirts for children were all above $10.00 (Sigh! I guess China is the least expensive place for EVERYTHING.)


Once again, I have to tell you how honest people were in Cairo. We bought a lot of clothes (T-shirts, etc.) at an Egyptian Cotton Shop in Giza. Two days later, when we were packing up, we realized that we did not have one of the more expensive shirts we had bought. I called the store and spoke to the salesperson - he asked me which shirt and which hotel we were staying in and promptly sent the shirt over - no questions asked! 


 A lot of the clothes we saw elsewhere reminded me of the "kurtis" from India. Over all they have very colorful clothes..... if only we could see the ladies wearing them..... they dress up very well but cover everything with the black robes and scarves.

Here's a picture of a young one all dressed up!

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