Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Citadel

The Saladin Citadel is a big fort built on the Muqattam hill in the center of Cairo. It is a beautiful area, well maintained and definitely worth a visit.It contains a number of mosques and museums.

It is also called the Muhammad Ali Citadel because it contains the Mosque of Mohamed Ali (or Muhammad Ali Pasha) which was built between 1828 and 1848. This mosque was built in the same style as the Blue Mosque of Istanbul.

One can get a beautiful view of Cairo from the summit and on clear days can even see the Pyramids of Giza. Here's our guide giving us a history lesson....


We got an "official portrait" taken with Appa dressed up as Muhammad Ali Pasha, Amma as Cleopatra and the rest of us as Bedouins!


  1. Young Bedouin with walking stick ...?

  2. Great pictures,got to see fun places,thanks a lot,really pleasurable!!!!!