Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Al Kalili Bazaar

Shopping in Cairo at the Al Kalili Bazaar is a must! Besides the interesting stuff they have there, it's a lot of fun bargaining with the shopkeepers - they expect you to do so. It's funny how the "starting price" for anything is double of what it's really are priced at. Even little kids, aged 7 and 8 years old, try to sell you trinkets, and have mastered the language of "sales" - be it English or any other. They are able to identify where the tourist is from and we often heard the chant, "Indian? Ah! Amitabh Bachan!!" The Bazaar is a big one, with lots of lanes and twists and turns. One can take a break at the numerous coffee shops or sit near the beautiful mosques for a while and watch the world go by. (While I have tried my best to mostly use the photos I have taken, sometimes I have used pictures from the rest of the family.)

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