Monday, February 8, 2010

Horses and Camels

Everybody in Cairo works with everybody else for a "cut" - we hired a cab to go to the Pyramids and he took us to a place where we had to negotiate for a couple of horse-carriages, some guides and camel rides. Obviously, the cab driver got his share from the man who was renting out his horses to us. (It was only after reaching the Pyramids that we realized that we could have come all the way by cab! No regrets though, since it was fun going in the horse carriage....)
Oh, the poor donkey!
The camel ride was a bit bumpy - okay to try, but I don't think I would have enjoyed riding through the whole desert this way.

After the Pyramid and Sphinx tour, we went back to where our cab was. Before we could sit in it, the horse owner insisted we step inside his office to wash up and have some tea. There he showed us the most beautiful perfume bottle collection I've seen! He actually owned a perfume business and wanted us to buy some from him. He presented us with some cute little bottles as well.

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