Friday, January 21, 2011

Cairo again

Our flight back to U.S.A. was routed via Cairo, where we had to spend a night. Too bad I had to stand in line and get another entry visa, just for a few hours. It was worth it though since we were able to walk into town at night (which was quite safe with so many policemen around) and were able to eat at one of their more popular "fast food" restaurants - the falafel was quite delicious!

The Nile at night.

We walked across the bridge into town. Our hotel was on an island close to town.

 Ate delicious vegetarian food for dinner....

On our way back to the hotel, we came across a big group of local people celebrating the football match going on between Egypt .... and I forget which country. It was lovely to get a taste of how lively the local population was!

The view from our hotel room (I forget which floor we were on.... the 13th?)

 Doesn't this remind you of Bombay, India?

En route to the airport in the morning.