Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cairo Airport

All in all, we enjoyed visiting Cairo: friendly people, great weather, beautiful hotel, delicious food, and finally saw one of the great wonders of the world - the Pyramids! Just like the ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids, the modern Egyptians had this great sculpture outside the Cairo Airport. We went by the sculpture in our cab (which was a brand-new 12-seater van, driven by a man who was very happy to show us all the buildings and landmarks on the way to the airport) and after taking all our luggage into the airport, I just had to go back and examine the rock sculpture closely.

Did I mention that there are a LOT of policemen all over Cairo? They are called the Tourism Police and like somebody said, they outnumber the civilians in Cairo! Anyway, we took permission from the Tourism Police to go examine the sculpture ......

 So what do you think? Isn't this quite something? How are the rocks balancing like that? Did you guess it yet? It was made of a paper-mache kind of material! It was really cool.

Cairo International Airport is clean and maintained very well. Since our flight to Istanbul (by Turkish Airways) was delayed, we were able to relax, read a bit, explore the airport and go get some coffee.

We met these two very pretty girls working in the food court at the Airport. They were quite happy to pose for a photo with Amma.

This wasn't our final goodbye to Cairo since Bindu and I had to go back there from Athens, for one more night, in order to catch our Egypt Air flight back to New York. More later........

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